Train as hard as you like, but 75% of muscle toning, body sculpting and keeping the last 10 pounds off is HOW you eat!  You won't see your 6-pack abs until you eat this way!  If you want to sculpt your body, you need this book.  

This is the original body transformation cookbook used by fitness champs, bikini models, extreme athletes and sculpted bodies worldwide.  These recipes have been battle-tested for over a decade by fitness professionals, olympians, bodybuilders, champion bobsleders, motocross, mma fighters, yoga and dance teachers alike.  Now everyone can benefit from well kept industry secrets and formulas.

The principles in this book can get you serious results:  sustainable body-sculpting & toning, easy weight control, optimum athletic performance and easy blood sugar/energy balancing.

300 easy meals that balance protein, carbs, fat, and fiber
adaptable to vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers
sustainable portion control that won't starve you

first cookbook designed around eating every 2-3 hours
simple kitchen and food prep designed for busy folks
step-by-step strategies to burn fat and fuel muscle

Balancing protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber can be like chasing your tail and the last 10 pounds are the toughest to manage for busy people.  Don't stress!   This was designed by a busy anatomy nerd and mom of three!  Keep it simple and let these recipes do the work for you.

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