Tanya Lee is a posture and movement educator, personal yoga trainer, and the creator of the PowerAlign Yoga System.  She published two fundamental books on body sculpting nutrition and daily body alignment, and  thousands of client case studies have benefited from her work with exercise and eating habits,  pain reduction, posture and injury rehab, as well as dance-fitness and healthy sustainable body sculpting.

As a pioneer in the fitness and wellness industry, Tanya founded her BodyArt consultancy in 1998 and opened the first studio in Canada combining Yoga, Pilates and Mixed Martial Arts.  She shared the podium in Canada's first recognized figure model competition, wrote a cookbook designed around eating every 2-3 hours, and was among the first to bring yoga to the gym audience.  Today, Tanya is actively integrating  self-worth transformation and sexual wellness into truly cutting-edge feminine empowerment programs.

Tanya continues to synthesize personal training with the therapeutic and sculpting benefits of customized yoga, pilates and dance using targeted solutions to address the more injurious factors of these disciplines.  She stays busy customizing routines for private clients, certifying yoga instructors, researching, writing and teaching courses in ways that make the fundamentals easy to understand.  Tanya's insights into mind-body psychology and physiology bring focus to one's relationship with food, exercise, body-image and self-worth.

After more than ten years in print, her BodyArt Fitness Cookbook remains a cult classic in various industry and athletic circles as the go-to reference for optimum body sculpting and creative meal planning.  Her latest book Alignment Secrets, co-authored with a behavior analyst, fuses a motivational action narrative with plain-language posture guidelines for safe and effective exercise and daily movement.  Tanya aims to release another cookbook with new recipes and methods for the busiest among us.   facebook   blog   linkedin


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