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photo by Todd Ganci

Rachel Ibbison
Fifth Grade and Special Education Teacher
Team Savage Fitness Competitor / Group Fitness Instructor. 

Connecticut, USA

The feeling of being healthy is what motivates me everyday. In 2007 I took it to a new level of competing in fitness. The journey through this process has been such a life lesson of discipline and self fulfillment.  I have learned how important it is to stay active and eat healthy as my way of fighting the everyday struggles of life. Everyone's life can go up and down day to day. Exercise is something that gives me energy and I know exactly what types of foods my body needs to keep my energy consistent. I don't get the highs and lows like people can from eating sweets or fast foods. I eat just enough to fulfill my body, but not too much to feel completely full, and bring down my energies. 

If everything in my life is not going great I know that I can still hold on to exercising and eating right. This is something that I can do for myself.  The BodyArt Cookbook was actually the first one that I bought to get myself into all of this!


photo by David Ford
Shauna Sky Romano

World Champion Winter Sport Skeleton & Fitness Model
Calgary, AB. Canada 
I am honored to say that this is my life and I am "living the dream"!  I love to share my knowledge of training and high performance. My passion comes from working with people to find and connect with the profound wisdom that our physical bodies manifest. Altering perceptions, creating vision and inspiring others to take their health, wellness, and whatever idea they have of fitness to whatever level is right for them. 
At 43 years “young” I know that we all need to find our own balance and enjoy the journey of the “divine” feminine.  This means learning to honor and respect our sensuality and taking great joy in the shifting and changing of body, mind and spirit.  I've learnt that we are all the same and that to find our deepest compassion and empathy is truly to find peace.  Be true to yourself.  Listen deeply.  Look up and look in....

Kim Asbury
Office Administrator
Team Savage Fitness Competitor / Group Fitness Instructor
South Carolina, USA

It has taken a few years for me to realize that training as a fitness competitor isn't 12 weeks out from the show and then let it all drop off after the show is over.  Eating isn't about entertainment its about fueling your body so it can function properly.  I decided that I want to live a healthy life style.  That doesn't mean only eating chicken and broccoli.  It means finding healthy foods that you like and combining them with other foods that compliment them.  I love that the BodyArt meals are only one or two servings.  They are easy to prepare and taste great."

Fitness has always been a part of my life and will continue to be a part as long as I am able.  Nothing is more fulfilling or satisfying then walking out of the gym knowing that I just completed a work out and I feel great.  And even more so, walking onto a stage and know that all the hard work I've done has paid off, regardless of the placing I receive.


Dr. Amanda Diep
Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor
Cognitive Psychology Major - BSc. / Business Major - BCom.
Professional Bikini Model

I was quite an ill individual who ceased to have faith in allopathic medicine.  So, I tapped "mother nature's natural pharmacy" and  exercise to find my way back to optimal health.  And did I stop there?  No.  I challenged myself to be in the best shape I could be - to hopefully be an example to all - that someone can actually leave the hospital (all drugged up) to then recover and work toward stage performance as a FAME Pro Bikini Model!!

I realized how blessed I am, so I'm competing on stage and using this spotlight to bring attention to one of my passions, humanitarian work. One of the non-profit organizations that I am so proud to associate with is Ministro Humanitarian Foundation.



photo by David Ford

Eva Sefcova
E.V.A. Fitness. WNSO Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.
Professional FAME Fitness Model. 
Alberta, Canada

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle should be an essential part of everyone’s life.  There is nothing I love more than helping people reach their goals.

My heart fills with joy when I see the smile on someone's face after their fitness dreams become a reality.  I work with everyone from older women with extreme weight problems to special needs bodybuilders. 

 I have found my calling in life and that is to help as many people either through inspiring them when I compete on stage, being a mentor at FAME fitness camps, or one on one lifestyle coaching.  I could not imagine doing any thing else.



photo by Dave Brown
Christy Greene
Owner: Eighth Wonder Production Company and Bellydance Studio 
Mom / Actor / Performer / Teacher   Alberta, Canada

The body follows the mind and the heart. Doing that which makes us truly happy in spirit, will lead to peace in the mind, success in body and allow us to maximize our creative potential.  Journey journey journey…this is my mantra. I’m learning about baby steps…to slow down in my mad passion for life and learning and to soak up each moment as it happens.

Always a student, I endeavor to discover that which I truly love, and pursue it.  I trust my instinct, take risks, and trust the universe ~ what initially appears disastrous is often a gift in disguise.  I have made my passion my work. I perform and teach Belly Dance full time and have found independence in my creativity - and creativity in my independence.  I recently combined my two great loves in one stunning project; a Belly Dance Art Film.


photo by 

Jacqueline Michelle
NPC/CBBF Bikini Competitor

I’ve always been active and spent much of my life ‘performing’ in some capacity….however, it was when I started to apply my driven, goal-oriented nature toward taking good care of my body that I really started to see harmony all around.

My primary motivation for eating well comes from within – I noticed huge differences in my general health, and my asthma in particular, as I began to embrace a clean and balanced nutritional strategy.  However, the spinoff effects of a clean diet when combined with active living have been a great benefit on the OUTSIDE as well as inside!  I can honestly say that in my early thirties, I now feel younger, healthier and more alive than when I was a teenager.  I have so much more energy – and as an athlete, my strength, agility and athleticism have increased immensely.  Who can argue with that...?!?!?! 



Kristi Lees
Yoga Teacher and Fitness Enthusiast
Victoria, Austraila

Sometimes I just feel so bound up in the physical body, so restricted. Physical activity whether it be dance, circus training, cardio, yoga, strength training etc gives me a way to break free from that; to get out of my body, to feel its lightness … even if sometimes it is just momentarily.

It's taken awhile to get there because training used to be a means that binded me. When I was going through an eating disorder and the years that followed training was about controlling the body - not liberating myself through it.



photo by Sami Vaskola

Lea Newman
Officer- US Air Force
Ms Fitness USA and Fitness America Competitor / Personal Trainer
NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist. Florida, USA

I believe that "fitness" is unique to each individual. 

For some people fitness is about feeling strong and for other's it's achieving a certain weight loss goal.  And yet there are others that are just looking to find the joy of life in exercise and the peace of knowing they are doing something good for themselves. 

For me, I am motivated by the desire to inspire, encourage, and motivate others.  The best way to do that is to lead by example!




Inga Yandell
Editor-in-Chief  B.E. Magazine : Bare Essentials, Women of Action.
Owner: Double Impact Fitness.  ISSA Strength Coach and Performance Nutritionist.

My message to everyone is simple:  We need to look within - for it is the courage to take charge of our lives that will transform who we are and where we are at.  The Bare Essentials Magazine is about realizing we are all that is required to make an impact on how we live, what we do and who we B.E.come!

Since 1998, I have be dedicated to providing resources that empower people to live with passion and good health.  B.E. "women of action" is a magazine that contains the simplest methods of challenging both mind and body to become strong inside and out.  It's dedicated to effective education that supports independence and strength of character.


Bellydance, Fire Dance, Aerial Arts, and Yoga 
Asheville, NC. USA

I want people to feel inspired ... to free their grow in every direction.  Dance is an expression of the heart and soul.  Truly magnificent performers dance from this place.

Fusion Bellydance aims to shift paradigms...transcending the limitations of body consciousness and opening to a realm greater than ego.  This realm touches the soul of any audience, inspiring people to remember the passion that burns within.

My main message is that Bellydance is a beautiful and rich artform that can be enjoyed by any body regardless of gender, age, height, weight, color, or sexual preference. The aim of my classes is to empower the student to utilize and accentuate the gifts of their own incredible body in an environment that supports creative and spiritual growth through movement.  Blessings Be.


Michele Theoret
Owner: The Power Center - Yoga & Fitness

Edmonton, AB. Canada

The Truth is there is no magic pill or perfect exercise. Be honest with yourself and commit. I sincerely believe that anybody can accomplish anything they dream, if the intention and willingness is there.

My practice is not always easy but it is always the truth, a mirror into my life, a direct reflection of where I am at in the present moment.  In a difficult pose when I am struggling with every bone of my being to hold on, I go inside with my breath and become aware of my resistance. I feel myself at war just trying to survive and win at all costs, and then with a deep exhale I let it go. No judgment. Being a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend is no different, there are moments when we begin to lose control; however my practice has given me that option of just simply breathing and being fully present to my thoughts and actions. Yoga creates space for consciousness and this will change your life and the world around you.




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