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  Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine USA
The BodyArt Cookbook is a massive collection of simple, convenient, healthy meals. There isn’t a fitness athlete out there who wouldn’t get their money’s worth!

BodySport Magazine Canada
No matter if you are a competitive athlete or just interested in some recipes to help you eat a little cleaner and healthier, this book is a ‘must buy’ for everyone that needs a break from boring diet food.

Bare Essentials Magazine Australia
The search for simple but sensational nutrition has never been easier. BodyArt Cookbook provides readers with wholesome recipes, time efficient solutions and a well-being of body and spirit! If you are an athlete or interested in achieving goals related to fitness and healthy eating then BodyArt is an exceptional tool.  Packed with useful insights, this little gem is a must for the bookshelf. 

Developed with a real food attitude there is nothing complicated about this cookbook.  Symbols are smartly used to identify recipes by several key objectives - time in one way of selecting appropriate meals to make, as is carbohydrate content and how well a prepared dish will travel!

The research and nutritional details add substance where other cookbooks fall short, making this a resource of knowledge and taste.  The authors flavor for flare is evident not only in her spirited writing style but also in the combination of ingredients that line the pages.  A truly refreshing presentation of real food with enticing titles to excite the appetite.  BodyArt Cookbook will make you want to get back in the kitchen and enjoy eating healthy!

Fatima Leite Kusch Sports Nutritionist Pro Fitness Model

I am the owner of Blessed Bodies Fitness I am a FAME Pro Fitness Model Athlete, FAME/WNSO Judge, Certified Trainer, and Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor. I have been a Fitness Model and Figure competitor since 2005.  I have used the BodyArt Cookbook since last season when I was in contest prep mode. For a long time I have looked for a recipe book that works with the foods that I eat in contest prep mode…this one fit perfectly! It is not too complicated and I found it very easy to work the recipes into my food plan. Also, it works well for my off-season too! In addition I have discovered that my “everyday clients” are finding this book to be a very useful tool in helping them come up with new ideas to stick to their food programs.


Scott McDermott Author Motivational Speaker Ironman Tri-athlete
People always want healthy food that is easy to cook and fast.   I realized what a challenge it was to create a truly great, truly different cookbook.  When I read Tanya's book; The BodyArt Cookbook, I decided I did not need to do a cookbook.  Hers is exactly what I would want to create.   Her book is brilliant!  It is full of amazing recipes with the breakdowns of all the things you would want to know.  After all, why reinvent the wheel?



SamiTe’ International Dancer & Teacher

I found the MOST WONDERFUL cookbook ever and I think that everyone would appreciate it's clear, concise, and simple approach to a healthful/mindful diet. The BodyArt Cookbook by Tanya Lee is a fabulous treasure designed for people with specific fitness goals. I have found it to be extremely beneficial since the majority of the meals take seconds to prepare. It is also great for traveling.

  WHL Hurricane Hockey Team
Tanya served as the official nutritionist for Hurricanes WHL team.  The super easy BodyArt meals meals played a huge role in helping these young NHL prospects stay on track without mom to cook for them!  
  Shauna Sky-Romano  World Champion in Skeleton
Thank you to Tanya Lee for a wonderful, simple plan that WORKS for everyone. Even those of us with challenges like Celiacs disease (both my daughter and I).  Our household eats a mainly vegetarian diet, so it is invaluable for us to have meal options which contain no animal products, but still provide the protein we need!
  Leah McKinnie Figure Model Champion
People often ask me for advice on getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle, well I would like to reveal one of my secrets to all of you. The BodyArt Cookbook has fantastic recipes that anyone can appreciate. Nutrition is 90% of the battle, so I strongly encourage you all to check it out.

"I am a Certified Personal Trainer and manager of the website . I purchased Tanya's BodyArt Cookbook long before I decided to become a trainer and put together womens and fitness website. I was struggling with losing bodyfat and was looking for quick, healthy meal ideas. I absolutely love this cookbook, not only because the majority of the meals are very quick, but they are also very effective! I have lost 6% body fat using this cookbook. I recommend and promote BodyArt Cookbook on my blog, my website and also to my friends and family! This is one cookbook that I was finally able to see results by using!" - Angie Schumacher

"This is by far the BEST cookbook I have ever bought! I thought it to be a little pricey, but the information in your book, along with the fantastic recipes, are PRICELESS!!!  The menu possibilities are endless! I highly recommended your cookbook to my fellow posters at the Menshealth forums! I plan to purchase your other books very soon!! I love your fitness philosophies! Thank You for writing the best cookbook ever!"  - Kim Hayes

"Dear Tanya, I would like to thank you for making the Body Art Cookbook. Not only has it changed my way of eating but it also has changed my life. I joined a 16 week fitness challenge and now at the end of it I have lost 40 lbs and 39.5 inches.  This eating clean is now being passed onto my family. I still can not thank you enough for your knowledge!" - Liz Lovatt

"This cookbook is my culinary bible. I am following your eating strategies pretty strictly, have already dropped several pounds, and i'm seeing a noticeable trimming and toning of my physique.  I plan to meet my ideal BMI weight by Dec. 31 and with your strategies, I am confident that I have a system that will get me there in a healthy and sustainable way. Just wanted to thank you for putting such wonderful information out into the world. I have already recommended your book to one person, and will almost certainly be referring many others to it as well!" - email feedback [anonymous]

"I love, love, love your cookbook… it is well-worn and my family knows not to touch my “body bible”… HA! Seriously, I appreciate the time and effort it took to compile such a great resource."  - email feedback [anonymous]

"I love the way Tanya writes, and I really appreciate her honesty and humor. The way you spoke of post-college girls who partied a little too hard and now have cellulite rings very true! I also like how you give an honest timeline of how and when you can expect to see results. I've read other cookbooks before, but none have ever put it in real terms like these! A million thank you's for your help!" - email feedback [anonymous]


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